A stable, affordable, quality source of liability coverage for Wyoming Local Governments

Currently serving 528 Local Government Entities in Wyoming

Local Government Liability Pool

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Setting the Contribution Rates for Fiscal Year 2025

Each year the LGLP Board employs a professional actuary to help it set contribution rates for the next fiscal year. In a nutshell, the actuary analyzes LGLP’s historical loss data, historical contributions, trends and projected financial position, then applies financial and statistical theory to recommend a range of contribution rates that will keep the Pool financially sound.


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Who we are

Our Mission is to provide a stable, affordable, quality source of Liability Coverage

The Wyoming Local Government Liability Pool (LGLP) is a self-insurance program created by statute and operated by a joint powers board. See W.S. 1-42-202(a). The LGLP Board is authorized to adopt rules governing the administration of the program. See W.S. 1-42-203(a)(vii).

Who is Eligible?

The following businesses, organizations and institutions are eligible for our coverage opportunities. We currently serve 528 Local Government Entities in Wyoming.

Cities & Towns
School Districts
Joint Powers Boards
Airport Boards
Special Districts
Community College Districts
Public Corporations
Senior Citizen Centers
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