Filing a Claim and Claim Procedures

Claim Procedure for Member Governmental Entities Only

Entity shall notify LGLP in writing within ten (10) days of occurrence or knowledge of occurrence of any accident, occurrence or loss which could reasonably be assumed would produce a liability claim.

Questionnaires For Claims

The questionnaires are provided to assist LGLP to make a determination of whether your entity is liable for damages. Your efforts are very important in this regard. Also, please have the employee(s) involved complete a written statement describing the incident and the circumstances involved. 

How it Works

Public Claim Form

Please complete and sign in the presence of a notary public, then present the claim to the entity you are filing against.

Step 1

Please download Public Claim form PDF

Step 2
Save Document

Right click on the form and select "Save As" and save the document to your selected file folder on your computer.

Step 3
Complete Form

Locate your saved form and open the file in that folder. Then complete the form and save.

They're Back! Potholes!

They’re back and they’re back with a vengeance. Those dastardly potholes are popping up… well… out… everywhere!  They’re a serious threat to your wallet. Damage from hitting a pothole can cost you from a couple hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. It’s not exactly rocket science why we’re seeing so many potholes so early. Warm weather, any water, any moisture gets into those cracks in the road, it freezes, and those cracks expand.  That then breaks up the asphalt and when it thaws, pop goes the pothole. Due to all the recent snow, repairs are difficult. While crews drive their routes looking for problems, they can’t be everywhere. So, if you have one of those “teeth rattlers” near you –  report it!