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If there are issues with an employee that make it necessary to consider termination, please notify us. We are glad to review your policies, documentation, and may be able to give you some valuable information to assist you in the process of either termination or counseling of the employee.

Use signed job descriptions and perform background checks on sensitive positions.

Yes, they are covered as long as you have documentation on them and the reason they are volunteering. Also there needs to be in place a job description and policy manual for them to read and sign.

We strongly recommend harassment training every other year.  We are able to provide in person or Zoom training as needed.

Implement an ordinance that states the homeowner is responsible for any damage as a result of turning service on or off. At a minimum require the homeowner/representative be present when changing service.

We highly recommend entities have a written scheduled preventative maintenance log. Tracking the maintenance and keeping accurate and complete sewer logs will save you lots of claims in the long run.

Weed Burning – Don’t burn on windy days! Notify the local fire district of your planned actions and never leave the fire unattended.

All equipment must be regularly inspected and documented. Utilize “Use at your own risk” signage. There are many reported incidents of injuries from older or non-maintained playground equipment.  If equipment is in disrepair, it should be repaired or disposed of.

Trees and bushes should be trimmed, and dead branches removed on a as needed basis. Keep a log of the inspections and take photos of the area. Old tree branches can fall on to property/cars, causing extensive damage.

Use the most current claim form at Please date the form in the upper right-hand corner with the date you received it. This is very important if there is a claim/lawsuit filed against your organization. We request the form is sent to us within 10 days after you receive it.

Because each entity pays a yearly contribution based on the number of employees, LGLP does not need to know when you purchase assets.

No. LGLP only insures employees, elected officials and appointed volunteers. We recommend cities and towns practice sound risk management principles and take reasonable steps to manage the exposures in your operations.  If exposures are created by others who are using municipal facilities and the entity cannot control the outcome, then that exposure should transfer onto the event holder. If you can’t manage the risk, you should require the 3rd party to assume the exposure by accepting the liability for the event and providing insurance.

No, we suggest you contact your local private insurer to purchase special event coverage.

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