Risk Management

Risk Management & Human Resources Consultation

Risk Management & Human Resources Consultation

Our consultants provide free consultative services for pool members to create or enhance effective risk management and loss control programs.

Our consultants are able to provide techniques and suggestions that can assist in Risk Management and Human Resource functions for your entities, including some of the following:

The human resources and risk management training classes and seminars are very beneficial for day to day business operations.  These services are available at no extra cost to our members.

Contact our our office if you are interested in in-person or online training.

Employer Handbook

The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is offering a new resource (if you’re a National SHRM Member) that assists you with building an Employer Handbook. The cost is $400 and offers the ability to add multiple states to your handbook. For more information, please visit their website.

Articles of Interest

Online/On Demand & Instructor Led Courses Available!

If you have any questions regarding the online or in-person training we provide, please contact our office. Check out our course list for in-person or Zoom as well as our on-demand courses available.